My London - Aliza Reger, CEO & Owner of Janet Reger.

  • We have asked our friends in the industry some of the classic My London questions from the weekly ES Magazine feature.
  • This week features Aliza Reger, CEO and Owner of Janet Reger

Best first date in London?

Best place if budget is not a consideration, a quiet corner table at Scott’s in Mayfair, a picnic by Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath or a walk hand in hand along the river with a short diversion into Borough Market for a bit of grazing if you’re big on romance and short on funds..

If you had to be locked in a London building over-night, which would it be?

The Victoria & Albert museum for a night of awe and wonder or Harrods for the sheer luxury of it all.

What was the last play you saw in London?

We saw Tom Stoppard’s ‘Leopoldstadt’ several days before everything was locked down and even then we were quite worried about being in a theatre with so many potential Covid spreaders. We twitched and recoiled at every cough and sneeze but the play was outstanding and had us riveted.

What did you miss most about central London over the last year?

The human contact mostly, meeting our friends and family for celebrations, the meeting up in restaurants and cafes, the energy and buzz of central lunch and it near as broke my heart to see the non vital shops shut. The West End in Spring last year was a very sad place. Never have I gone so long without a haircut.

Who is your professional hero and why?

Almost impossible to narrow it to only one, Karl Lagerfeld is certainly up there for his many enormous talents; on a personal level when Theo Paphitis shares his pearls of wisdom with me, I listen. I have huge admiration for women entrepreneurs in general but Karen Brady and Jacqueline Gold are at the top. Both the Richards - Caring and Branson - are not only professional heros but also leading lights of entrepreneurship and incredibly generous philanthropists

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