My London - Amy Butterworth, Tesco.

  • We have asked our friends in the industry some of the classic My London questions from the weekly ES Magazine feature.
  • This week features Amy Butterworth, Media Manager at Tesco
  1. Favourite Shops?

Of course, I have to say Tesco and I genuinely do mean it – it’s basically the only shop I’ve visited during lockdown and I’ve been able to get everything I need (and don’t need!), whilst also feeling safe.

If we’re going London specific, just put me in the middle of Seven Dials in Covent Garden and I could easily pass an afternoon browsing all the different boutiques and popping into Neal’s Yard for a Homeslice pizza and glass of wine afterwards!

  1. What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

I’d fully pedestrianize Zone 1. I’m sure it would be a logistical nightmare, but we’ve seen a glimpse of the benefits of lower traffic levels in central London during lockdown in terms of cleaner air and safety. It would make many people’s commutes much more enjoyable too.

  1. Earliest London memory?

My “trendy uncle” lived in London, so we used to come down from Yorkshire to visit him. I remember sitting on his Vespa parked outside his house in Chiswick, thinking I was a famous film star!

  1. What are have you missed most about central London?

Lunch! Our London office is just off Leather Lane and every Friday a group of us explore the various food stalls and reconvene in the canteen to share our findings. A tin of soup at home isn’t quite the same…

  1. Who is your professional hero and why?

I really admire Dame Carolyn McCall, ITV’s first female Chief Executive. She’s super results-driven and seems to deliver huge amounts of positive change into any business she goes into. At the same time she really cares about how she gets those results, with her inclusive approach. The how is just as important as the what.

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