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Collaborative work with Zenith.

We teamed up with Zenith to explore Londoners' value to advertisers. We wanted to understand whether advertisers need to fight harder in a city bombarded with advertising.

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Key findings.

With very busy lives, advertising helps Londoners to make decisions:

They are 2x as likely to try something new because of advertising

In the past week, 1/5 bought something because of advertising, compared to 7% of non-Londoners

70% bought something on gut feel last week

67% work close to high street shops compared to 33% of non-Londoners

50% do more weekday evening shopping after work than ever before

They’re more likely to buy from e-commerce and m-commerce, and will shop on their commute from work

Evening Standard readers are even more influenced by advertising than an average Londoner:

1/3 of Evening Standard readers bought something because of advertising last week, compared to 1/5 Londoners

Advertising with the Evening Standard can raise a brand's ROI by 3.5 times

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