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Building awareness and knowledge of a non-invasive beauty treatment.

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive procedure that enables people to get rid of stubborn body fat. The aim of the partnership was to educate the audience on the procedure, and to demonstrate that it's easy to get started on the CoolSculpting® journey.


Print & Digital

Our solution

We'd take our audience on a journey through the process of having a Coolsculpting® treatment, focusing on the ease of the non-surgical treatment with messaging using well-respected health journalists and real-life stories from our very own health and beauty editorial team.

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ES Magazine editorial series.

An editorial series in ES Magazine aimed to give guidance, expert views and real-life stories to introduce Coolsculpting® to a new audience.

The series featured a four-page supplement where our readers were able to discover all they need to know about Coolsculpting®. From what it is, to the science behind it, plus real life stories and expert views - this guide packed in lots of information with the aim of providing our readers with balanced and informative content.

Further articles introduced ES Magazine and industry authorities sharing their voices and experiences with Coolsculpting®.


We created a series of expert-themed videos with the ES Magazine health and beauty team to educate readers by breaking down how the treatment works, who it's right for and even including the results achieved by our Grooming Editor.

The videos were posted on the ES Magazine and Evening Standard Lifestyle social channels in short 10" edits with the educational approach to the videos driving high CTR.

The results