Our Work.

Promoting London Zoo to a younger audience.

London Zoo wanted to attract a young, tech-savvy audience of 18-34 year old adults with no children to rediscover the joys of the zoo and see it as a date destination.


Print & Digital

Our solution.

We would bring the zoo to life through a series of engaging solutions playing on the cute factor of the animals while focusing on the expertise of the zoo and its keepers.

Zoo 03
Zoo 01

Video advertorials.

We filmed a series of six videos featuring different animals and attractions in the zoo including nocturnal animals, giraffes, lions, penguins, squirrel monkeys and the inhabitants of London's rainforest. The videos were narrated by the keepers who look after the animals giving insight into their lives, activities and personalities.

Each video was shortened into a teaser to engage readers on all digital platforms.

Facebook lives.

We streamed live broadcasts from the zoo of the keepers feeding the penguins and giraffes to give the audience a glimpse into the scenes they could experience at London Zoo.

Print and vendor activity.

We produced advertorials in the Evening Standard to promote the range of species and activities at London Zoo and a competition to win an overnight stay at the zoo supported by vendor activity.



For five days we tested the audience's knowledge of London Zoo's residents with fun and informative questions to educate the particpants.

The results.

We commissioned a survey of ESI readers within London Zoo's target audience.