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Leveraging our fashion credentials.

The designer shopping outlet wanted to reach 18-44 year olds interested in Fashion to visit the Ashford outlet. They wanted the campaign to showcase the premium fashion brands available as well as addressing potential barriers to visit.


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As normality returned post-lockdowns our readers returned to doing what makes them happy - shopping. Evening Standard readers were dressing to impress. With over a third of audiences planning a wardrobe refresh in the six months prior to Xmas 2021.

From little moments such as a date night at the theatre to milestones such as a holiday to catch some winter sun, we positioned Ashford as the perfect place to find premium fashion to help us regain this element of normality and fun.

We have been the partner to London Fashion Week since 2004, giving us a credible voice on the hottest trends in fashion.

Our partnership used Chloe Street, Fashion Editor of the Evening Standard, as a brand advocate to bring a layer of editorial endorsement to the campaign.

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