Our Work.

Exclusive access to entice new customers.

Sky wanted to grow their customer base by teasing their target audience with a sample of Sky Original content.


Print & Digital

Our solution.

We would get Sky's target audience excited and engaged with its content by giving them exclusive access to the first episode of Sky One's new series, Curfew.

Curfew 09
Curfew 08

Streaming of the first episode.

We streamed the first episode of Curfew on Standard.co.uk and Independent.co.uk giving non-Sky customers the chance to see a series they would normally need a subscription to watch.

Print and vendor activity.

On the day of Curfew's launch we created a four-page supplement in the Evening Standard including an exclusive interview with actor Billy Zane and introducing the shows characters.

Evening Standard vendors wore branded t-shirts promoting the show to all London commuters as well as Evening Standard readers.

The results