Our Work.

Our Be London's Headline winning campaign.

In summer 2019, the Evening Standard ran a competition for a client to Be London's Headline for one day with a cover wrap, branded vendors and takeover on standard.co.uk.

Our winner, Valspar a paint brand with over 2.2million paint colours available, won with their creative “Express Yourself with Colour”. The creative celebrated the diverse opinions of Londoners with a topical and tongue-in-cheek creative.


Print & digital

On-street vendor activity.

On-street presence include branded vendor trolley bills and vendors in branded t-shirts handing out the cover wrapped paper.

Homepage takeover

The results.

The cover wrap was seen by 2.2 million London commuters - that's 1.4million Evening Standard readers and an additional 800,000 non-reading commuters.

1/2 of those that saw the ad agreed that a topical ad is more likely to grab attention.

32% said that the ad raised their awareness of Valspar paint.

Contextual, topical advertising

“The creative from FCB Inferno is brilliant and we’re excited for it to bring some colour to London’s evening commute. As a paint brand we embrace people’s individuality, so it is fitting that we’re bringing to life Londoners’ differing opinions with a media brand that lives and breathes this diversity.”

Jane Ryder,
Marketing Director, Valspar