Our Work.

Advertising unique context.

Warner Brothers wanted to create something special to celebrate the launch of its new film Dunkirk.


Print & digital

Our solution.

We created the original Evening Standard front page from June 1940 that broke the news of Dunkirk, along with other relevant articles from that month, to produce a very special 8-page flip reverse supplement. This provided the perfect context for the film ads.
Esi Casestudy Warnerbros Dunkirk 04
Esi Casestudy Warnerbros Dunkirk 03

Digital and social.

We also recreated the supplement online as a flip book, so users could get the same reading experience. Socially we shared a short film about the making of the supplement.

The results.

Our print reach with the supplement was 1.6 million. As a flip reverse it really stood our and for many readers it became the front page. Some of our readers liked it so much that they spontaneously posted on social media about it.