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Brand Reposition.

Wilkinson Sword knows there’s no room for close shaves when navigating a brand reposition.

Moving away from a product-led sell, Wilkinson Sword wanted to communicate in a single master brand voice and appeal to a younger, more style-savvy audience. They needed a campaign that would deliver audience cut through in a new way.

New research showed that male grooming was shifting from a traditionally morning activity to an evening endeavour, with young men wanting to look their sharpest for key life events later in the day, like job interviews, dates or big social occasions. In a powerful repeated partnership with the Evening Standard and Wavemaker, Wilkinson Sword aligned communications to the evening with a real-time, reactive campaign that tied key brand messages in with the day’s headlines, connecting our readers with shaving in a razor sharp, new way.

Hitting the streets at 2pm with the day’s latest news, and with a team of content experts who know how to engage an evening audience better than no others, we were the ideal media partner to deliver Wilkinson Sword’s campaign message. It was so effective that the partnership has happened twice... so far!


Print, digital, social, newsletter, OOH

Evening Standard X Wilkinson Sword Digital
Evening Standard X Wilkinson Sword Print

Contextual Advertising.

True collaboration was the key to making this ambitious campaign work. A crack team from the content desks as Wavemaker, Evening Standard and MullenLowe worked to a daily timeline: identifying relevant news at 8.30 with editorial, selecting stories and working up creative by 10.00, delivering copy, printing and on the streets by 14.00 – and they say digital is fast! Digital creative followed during the afternoon and by the time our 18-44 year old men were on their evening commute the digital screens were reinforcing the message they had already seen in print and online.

First Campaign

We produced confident, unmissable brand content which created an emotional connection with our desired audience through real-time reaction to breaking news. We worked around the clock, hand-picking stories that presented an opportunity for a wry response related to looking sharp and aligned with passion points for our style conscious audience.

A study of current views of the brand showed a key metric for success in this partnership was to make Wilkinson Sword feel relevant to the audience to increase purchase intent and shift perceptions from a conservative brand for older men to being younger, stylish and creative.

74% felt that the contextual nature of the campaign made them think more favourably about the brand.

Second Campaign

This 2021 campaign ran similarly to the first successful partnership in 2020. Wilkinson Sword wanted to drive awareness to the brand and specifically to the Hydro Comfort product. They wanted the Evening Standard to drive daily talkability, brand reappraisal & consideration through fun, contextual alignment with style trigger moments. As well as using the print and digital elements the previous campaign used, this partnership was also extended to our newsletters and social platforms.


Brand Metrics Summary.

Brand Standings

These scores show how the start point of this campaign compared to campaigns measured with the same methodology in the same category.

Pre-campaign, Wilkinson Sword is over index for awareness and action intent compared to the other 100 health/beauty brands but is slightly under index for consideration and preference.

Awareness 128, Consideration 99, Preference 97, Action Intent 201

Brand Lift

The figures show the effect the campaign had on the 4 key performance metrics after the campaign has run, again indexed against the other 100 health/beauty campaigns.

It is a really strong performance for Wilkinson Sword outperforming the benchmarks across all metrics and being particularly effective at driving consideration (159) and preference (201), the two areas which needed the most improvement.

Awareness 148, Consideration 159, Preference 212, Action Intent 153