Data Activation.

Data and audience targeting.

Our data activation team uses our data platforms to customise experiences for our users in real-time and work with our advertisers to deepen engagement and targeting for campaigns.

Using Permutive, our data collection and targeting is real-time so we can advertise to users while they're still on our site. It's also cookie-less meaning it collects 100% of our audience as they move through other browsers and platforms and we can track users through other sites creating a really clear picture of audiences and providing greater opportunities for targeted advertising.

We also use data collected by our editorial engagement platform to monitor content that is trending across Evening Standard. The data is viewable on a bespoke dashboard for agencies, giving them a sense of the content our readers are engaging with and opportunities to target messaging.


Below is a hand-picked taste of ES's in-depth audience segments. Audiences include demographics, interests, aspirations and lifestage identified through search behaviour and survey data.

ES Realtime.

Using real-time trending article data to inform and optimise advertising campaigns.


Find out more about how we collect data and how clients can use it.

ES’s RealTime platform enables advertisers and their agencies to optimise campaigns using content that is trending across Evening Standard The platform, which was built and designed in-house, uses engagement data from Chartbeat, which is already used by the newsrooms to inform editors what stories are resonating with readers. The data is viewable on a bespoke dashboard that is available to agencies to log in to, giving them a sense of the content that digital readers of the Evening Standard and Homes and Property are enjoying.

ES Moments

Using ES RealTime technology it is also possible to align a marketing campaign’s objectives to relevant, individual articles that are trending in real-time. Depending on the client’s needs, specific articles or topics that resonate with the campaign can be hand-picked by the data team for roadblocking with pre-approved creatives or messaging crafted on-the-fly and served within a short time frame to maximise responses and engagement.

Watch our video to see how Kronenbourg used ES Moments


All our new audience segments are 100% first party data. We have phased out all 3rd party data.

Login data, browsing, search and engagement data from, and all of our shopping data form the ecommerce site ESBest, ES Offers and Shop London. We also use log files to identify groups of users who have interacted with advertising running across our sites.

First Party is the data that we collect from our sites, and includes everything from the age and gender information our users provide when they register, to which social media sites they share our articles on. Anything collected by clients on their properties and shared with us is second party data, whereas anything else (such as data bought in from data suppliers) is considered third party. Changes in privacy have prevented 3rd party providers from collecting data using cross-site tracking cookies, reducing scale and accuracy which is why we have stopped using 3rd party data.

We recommend a mixture of both types of targeting across digital campaigns, with contextual targeting focusing on where your ads appear, and audience targeting focusing on who your ads are shown to. Contextual targeting can also be used to increase brand safety, ensuring brands avoid topics such as terrorism.

Audience targeting segments are built from our most engaged users. As such we see viewability increase by an average of 28% when compared to run of site delivery, while engagement metrics increase by 45%.

We can offer lookalike modelling to identify groups of users who have similiar behaviours, interests and demographics to the original seed group. This is based on algorithms which take into account all of the data points we hold on a particular user, and identifies which attributes are most unique to the original seed group and index our users against those attributes. We then loosen the definiton to find a group of users who index just as strongly on these attiributes, but who have not fallen into the original seed segment. For more information on this, speak to the data team.

There is a 20-40% increase on ratecard with options for discounts based on volume. Our sales reps can strike a deal, but due to the additional costs for running our data management platform - plus the additional benefits - these campaigns will always be charged at a premium.

Currently, first party data can be activated off-site via our audience extension offering via our seats on The Trade Desk, but conversations can be held on a case-by-case basis.

We have recently onboarded data clean room technology which allows for client and publisher CRM datasets to be matched in a privacy safe environment, creating accurate targetable audiences that can also be modelled out for scale. All of this happens without cookies so it is completely futureproof.

We can target a user that has seen or clicked on any direct sold digital ad and serve them with sequential targeting to build a brand's story or encourage interaction.

We can target users via cookies for up to 90 days, in line with EU data protection laws. However, we vary our look-back periods dependent on the segment. For example, a segment of users looking for a house will have a much longer lookback period than a user looking to book theatre tickets.

The numbers against each segment refer to an approximate number of monthly unique visitors across the The Evening Standard's portfolio. For accurate impressions figures, The Evening Standard ad operations team can provide availability estimates.

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