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Knowledge of news helps people achieve.

We researched the long-standing link between advertising and achievement and what this means today.

A total of 1,300 respondents were asked: "To what extent do you feel that the following have held you back or enabled you to achieve in life?"

We discovered the four key components of achievement are knowledge, experience, confidence and drive.

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Key findings.

Brands can connect with consumers by tapping into their aspirations and drive to achieve.

News is the 3rd biggest enabler of achievement.

84% of consumers say in order to achieve they have to understand how the world is changing, so they can adapt with it.

58% of people see their experiences as the most important measure.

This is compared to:

  • 48% health and wellbeing
  • 32% salary
  • 22% job title

Living in a big city makes it easier to have experiences compared to out of towners.

Our audiences are 91% more likely to feel they are achieving in life compared to the average consumer.

Our insight team has investigated the behaviour of the commuter audience.


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