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The evening commute.

Consumer behaviour is changing as people's lives become busier than ever. Weekday evenings are increasingly important, with a fifth of all online shopping now taking place on mobile devices during commute time. That’s £9.3bn – and growing – spent each year on commuter commerce.

The evening commute is a huge opportunity for advertisers as consumers tend to be thinking about themselves and are open to the influence of advertising messaging.

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Key findings.

Evening commuters are less likely to be thinking about work than the morning commuters, in fact they're:

  • 2x more likely to think about weekend plans
  • 1.5x more likely to think about holidays
  • 1.5x more likely to think about personal finance
  • 2.5x more likely to think about cooking
  • 6x more likely to think about alcohol
  • Evening commuters feel 80% more positive than morning commuters
  • They make spontaneous purchases and are less price sensitive midweek
  • Evening Standard readers spend £2.2 billion per annum in big supermarkets, just while travelling home
  • 1/4 of ESI reading commuters have bought a takeaway on their evening commute – over 50% more likely than the average British consumer
  • 17% of our readers buy travel tickets on the way home
    (vs 10% UK commuters)
  • 16% of our readers buy cinema tickets on the way home
    (vs 1/10 of UK commuters)
  • 3x more likely to think about clothes shopping
  • More likely to research clothes, fashion and restaurants at home after a commute than at the weekend

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