Evening standard stands with Londoners: Here’s how to get your paper.

As London goes into lockdown for the third time the Evening Standard today again pledges to stand shoulder to shoulder with our readers through the tough weeks ahead.

Just as in the spring and November lockdowns the Standard will print every working day to keep Londoners up to date — through the physical and digital versions of the paper and the website — with all the developments in the biggest story of most of our lifetimes.

We will continue to operate a home delivery service to more than 20 neighbourhoods in zones 1 and 2, including Clapham, Hampstead, Fulham and Highbury. We will also deliver to many supermarkets all across the capital.

For those key workers who have to commute to work we will continue to supply Underground and Overground stations with papers. We are also on buses from a number of key hubs across the capital.

You can also follow the latest breaking news every day on our YouTube channel, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and by following us on Apple News.

Our daily Leader podcast is available Monday-Friday by searching for Evening Standard via your chosen provider and you can register for our West End final email newsletter sent at 4pm Monday-Friday at

The Evening Standard has developed an agile and responsive distribution model suited to both rapid and gradual behavioural changes occurring in London. Our content is always where our readers are, in print and online.

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