Life 2.0.

Londoners adopt the Optimisation Economy.

Research by the Evening Standard, Life 2.0, has shown that Londoners are leading the way with a new consumer behaviour, all built around the Optimisation Economy.

The desire for Life 2.0 has multiple implications for brands seeking to communicate with an audience looking to make the most out of life.

The evolution of the Optimisation Economy is accelerated by the brands that enable it.

Reaching Life 2.0 then opens up opportunities for multiple brands looking to engage with this positive and dynamic audience group.

...are willing to pay to free up their time

...don’t consider their optimising spend to be a luxury, it’s just a way of life

...are more likely to shop, eat out and socialise

...are open to advertising and are inspired to purchase by it

...are engaged with newsbrands London and all that it offers them

What kind of Optimiser are you?

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Creative ways to reach Optimisers

Want to activate the Optimisation Economy?.

Consumers are more likely to be relaxed and thinking about making the most of their free time in the evening. That means they are more likely to demonstrate optimising behaviour on the way home from work.

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